Key Member Information

Whether you are a new member or have been with us for years the following information should provide you with everything you need to enjoy your time with us. If there is something we have missed out and you feel it will benefit the membership then let us know either via the member feed back form or via the contact page. 



If you are the last one at the club can you please make sure all floodlights are turned off.

All floodlights must be turned off at 10pm.


Clay Courts 1-4

You will find the switches for the four floodlight clay courts situated near the entrance to the ladies toilets. There are two switches controling courts 1&2 and courts 3&4


Hard Courts 5&6

The switches for the two hard courts are found outside in the far corner just past the bike stand. They are found on the outside of a tall green metal cabinet. There are separate switches for court 5 (nearest) and court 6 (far). 





Court Rules


Please make sure you read the court usage rules which are located near the main gate to the courts in the patio area.

The main points are that all courts should be swept after use including the lines. All rubbish should be placed in the bins provided and all balls and tubes removed. Tear tabs from the ball tubes are very sharp and should be put into the bins and not left lying around.

Finally there should be no glasses or crockery taken on court. Plastic cups and plastic jugs are provided and located in the kitchen.  

Lost & Found Property

All property left at the club will be be placed in the two bins next to the entrance to the ladies bathroom. If you are missing something it may well be there. 

If you have lost something at the club then please email us with a description to 

Booking A Court

The clay courts can be booked on Wednesday evenings from 7pm onwards. The booking book can be found in the clubhouse and courts can be booked up to two weeks in advance.

Opening Times

The club is open all year 8am - 10pm Monday to Sunday 



Since October 2015 the clubhouse has been heated using four commercial storage heaters. During the colder autumn/winter/early spring months can we ask that the internal door to the clubhouse is kept closed to minimise heat loss. Can we also ask that dials and switches not be touched as these affect pre-defined settings. 

Please enjoy the clubhouse and with added warmth a great place to relax and chat after the game. If using the kitchen please make sure you wash up any cups and crockery you use. 

To minimise the amount of sand brought into the clubhouse can we please ask that shoes are cleaned before you come inside, especially when the sand is wet.   


Smoking & E-Cigarettes


Smoking is only allowed on the grass area at the rear of the club. If you do smoke in this area please maintain a distance from the courts so as to avoid players and those involved in coaching breathing in smoke. E-cigarettes are allowed except in the main patio area and clubhouse. No smoking of cigarettes or e-cigarettes is permitted on court.

Tennis Balls


Apart from tournaments and team matches tennis balls are not provided and members are expected to supply their own. There are two types of ball.

Pressurised -  Pressurised balls are packaged in vacuum-sealed canisters or cans to keep as much internal pressure as possible before match play. Fresh balls have a good bounce and are lively when you first remove them from the can. Right after the can is opened, however, the pressurised gas starts to diffuse through the ball's rubber walls. Over time and with use, pressurised balls soften and lose their resiliency and bounce -- they go dead. Depending on the make and quality of ball this loss can happen quite quickly.

Non-Pressurised - Non-pressurised tennis balls, also referred to as pressureless balls, have the same size and look of standard, pressurized balls. As the word implies, these balls are made with basically no internal air pressure. To be approved by the ITF, the internal pressure must not exceed 1 psi. The core of a pressureless ball is also made of rubber, only it’s harder and thicker than the rubber of a standard ball. It is this hardness and thickness of the rubber that gives a pressureless ball its bounce. If you are only playing social tennis once a week then this may be a good option.


If you have any questions or advise then please ask our head coach Tim Linton


Members are allowed to bring guests to the club provided that a guest fee of £5 per adult and £3 per junior17&U is paid. Each guest can only play at the club a maximum of 6 times after which they would need to join the club. All guests must be accompanied by the member who takes responsibility for his guest making sure they abide by the club rules. 

Further details and payment envelopes can be found in the entrance to the clubhouse.   


Clothing & Footwear



Members are asked that they dress appropriately for tennis and wear suitable sportswear  that are acceptable to playing tennis. Try not wear anything with zips on the lower leg as a fall may result in injury or any street type clothing.



The club and the LTA recommend for safety of the player and to reduce wear and tear  on the courts purpose built tennis shoes are recommended. These are flat soled with a low profile tread pattern. They offer good lateral stability reducing the risk of ankle injury when compared to running shoes. Pimpled soled football type trainers are not allowed.    


The clubhouse is wifi enabled and the log on details can be found on all the information boards. Please enjoy the access but use the WiFi responsibly.  


Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a lead at all times for the benefit of all club users. If your dog does toilet then please bag it and take with you when you leave the club.



The main form of communication to club members is through email. If you are not receiving emails from the club or have recently changed your email then please let us know so that we can make sure you are on the distribution list.

This can be done via the member feedback form or by email to


Opening times:

Monday to Sunday 8am - 10pm


49 Billesley Lane 
B13 9QT

Moseley Tennis Club is a company registered in England & Wales.

Registered number: 10960678

Registered Office: 49 Billesley Lane, Moseley, Birmingham, England B13 9QT


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